Gunawan Jusuf

Last year, Gunawan Jusuf, the CEO of the Sugar Group Companies, wrote and published a book, “Blue Gold,” that includes a frank discussion about the relative scarcity and high value of water as our most precious commodity. Given his business background, Gunawan understands better than most how precious and valuable natural resources can be. He should know.

From his vaunted position as the CEO of the Sugar Group Companies, Gunawan Jusuf oversees the operations of a rather varied collection of Indonesia-based sugar companies, each of which grows and refines sugar for the purpose of creating many sugar products, many of which are enormously popular. In addition to many plantations and refineries located throughout Indonesia, Sugar Group Companies operates from nearly a dozen offices located all over the country. Despite having to deal with so many different entities, Gunawan Jusuf led the companies to create and grow many products, especially Gulaku, a premium refined sugar product that has turned into a household name all over Indonesia. Gunawan Jusuf’s strong ability to make sure that every employee, subsidiary company and the various offices and plants are all working together marks his greatest accomplishment as Sugar Group Companies’ leader.